Wire Forms

Wire Forms

Imagination is the limit in our wire form capabilities:

  • .125 through .625” (3.175 to 15.875 mm) Soft materials
  • .125 through .295” (3.175 to 7.493 mm) Spring Steel
  • Multiple material shapes available
  • Many coatings available
  • Multiple end types available from cold heading to threading


ExpansionWinamac Coil Spring uses the latest in technology in our new 55,000 square foot wire form manufacturing facility. This facility is entirely dedicated to wire forms and utilizes a “focused” factory concept to facilitate automation and one piece flows as much as possible. Using CNC formers and other automation allows WCS to take on the most challenging jobs as well as the straightforward.

Needing Help with Your Design

Design HelpIf you are prototyping a new concept feel free to send us your 3D model in either ProE or IGES format and we will gladly manufacture your prototype to overlay in the 3D world on your model using our CMM and open DMIS software. Our engineers are also expert in modeling parts in ProE should you have further design needs.

Cold Head Collar with a Cross Drilled Hole

Used in linkages where ease of assembly or disassembly is critical. Cold Head Collar with a Cross Drilled Hole

Cold Head Collar with Threads and Chamfer

Common in systems that need adjustability and or require a positive locking condition. Cold Head Collar with Threads and Chamfer

Cold Head Collar with Holding Nose

Used in muffler and exhaust hanger brackets or other applications where assembly without tools is a desire. Cold Head Collor with Holding Nose

Nibbing or Staking

Can be done almost anywhere along the length of the part and can be used in a myriad of ways from blocking next to a hole in a control arm to holding an ergonomic cover on an actuator lever. Nibbing or Staking